Astrodevice is a creative project that aims to make accessories for astrophotography accessible to the widest possible range of enthusiasts. It features designs for astrophotographic devices, which are then made available as ready-made products for personal, professional and educational use.

So, in Astrodevice we have two parallel streams: projects created by a single person and commercial production supported by a company. That’s why sometimes on Astrodevice pages it’s “me” writing about “my” projects and any other matters like production are told by “us”.

Behind the projects

My name is Pawel, I am a physicist and astrophotographer living in Poland. Besides the passion for watching the sky I love designing and constructing new technical solutions. I started Astrodevice to be able to share my ideas with other astrophotogrphers and to give them access to new equipment that can help their involvement in this wonderful hobby.

With the instructions provided, you can put all the devices and accessories together yourself. Usually all you need for this is a little patience, a 3D printer, a soldering iron, small screws and other such items. Sometimes laser cutting and engraving is also useful for best results.

Thanks to the popularity of 3D printing technology, thanks to the fact that everyone can print their own objects at home or at a local service company, the environment gains as well. In order for my designs to materialize in any corner of the Earth, we no longer need transportation, international intermediaries, centralized production or any additional formalities. I believe that this approach is particularly relevant also in difficult times of supply chain shortages, geopolitical troubles and similar turbulences that affect business, production and international logistics.
If you want to know more about the conditions under which I grant free access to my works, read the licensing information.

… and a production

I fully understand that not everyone wants or has the ability to create devices themselves using 3D printing. Quite a few people simply prefer ready-made solutions. That is why at Astrodevice you can not only use free designs, but also order production. Thanks to a company that works with me, you will receive the finished device in the same form as if you just bought it from the store.

Pawel Zgrzebnicki - founder of Astrodevice
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