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Adapters for filter drawers

Adapters for 78 mm diameter ZWO ASI cameras 

Astrodevice filter drawers for ZWO cameras were originally designed to handle 86mm and 90mm diameter devices. This is because in such housings the manufacturer mounts cameras with large sensors, requiring tilt adjustment through a special mechanism. However, many customers have asked whether it is possible to attach Astrodevice filter drawers to smaller ZWO Pro series cameras – those with a diameter of 78 mm? Such housings are used to mount famous models such as ZWO ASI 1600 MM Pro, ZWO ASI 294 MC Pro, ASI 183 MM/MC Pro and ASI 533 MM/MC Pro. 

The answer is an adapter with which you can use the mentioned cameras with Astrodevice filter drawers. The adapter simply screws onto the filter drawer and then screws it onto any 78mm ZWO camera. This simple solution allows you to use the filter drawers with a range of cooled ZWO cameras.

Importantly, the adapter is designed in such a way that it retains the tilt and backfocus adjustments set in the filter drawer. So if you change the position of the adjustment screws in the drawer to compensate for the tilt on your 90mm or 86mm camera, you can remove the drawer, attach it to a smaller 78mm camera, and return to the larger camera again without losing your settings.

The adapter is produced in two sizes – separately for 860 series drawers (for 86 mm diameter cameras) and separately for 900 series drawers (for 90 mm diameter cameras). The unit is built using 3D printing from carbon fiber reinforced PET-G material. The technological dimensional tolerance is 0.1 mm.

As an example of the result achieved with the presented set, let’s take a picture of the Soul nebula (Sh2-199). It was taken with a Celestron RASA 8 telescope, a ZWO ASI 1600 MM Pro camera, H-alpha and O-III narrow-band filters, and an Astrodevice FD 900 M87 filter drawer mounted via the presented adapter.

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