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Camera Cables Organizer

Cable strap made from flexible, rubber-like filament allows to organize cables connected to your camera.  Such cable protection prevents not only damaging the power and USB ports by pulling cords, but often also problems with guiding the telescope caused by sagging, badly tapped wires.


You can order the organizer for virtually ANY CAMERA with cylindrical shape: for ZWO, QHY, Touptek, Svybony, Altair, Atik or other.

If you do not see the right size in the list of options, select “Custom size” and enter the diameter of your camera in the order comment later – that’s all!

How it works? Because the band is flexible, you can pivot the top of the band, thus expanding the space through which you move the cables. You then slide the band over the camera and the cables are already positioned and held in the right position. It is that simple!

The cable strap is available in orange color and it has a distinctive, textured side surface that reminds…. orange peel!

▸ A quick reference for ZWO camera owners:

  • 78 mm organizer fits following ZWO cameras:
    ASI 183 MM/MC Pro, ASI 294 MM Pro, ASI 533 MM/MC Pro, ASI 1600 MM Pro
  • 86 mm organizer fits following ZWO cameras:
    ASI 071 MC Pro
  • 90 mm organizer fits following ZWO cameras:
    ASI 2400 MC Pro, ASI 2600 MM/MC Pro, ASI 6200 MC Pro
Camera diameter

78 mm, 86 mm, 90 mm, Custom size



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