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Filter adapter ZWO ASI and RASA 8

The 2″ filter adapter is designed to connect ZWO ASI cameras equipped with a tilt plate and the Celestron RASA 8 telescope.


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Single filter adapter to connect the following cameras:

  • ZWO ASI 2400 MC Pro,
  • ZWO ASI 2600 MM/MC Pro,
  • ZWO ASI 6200 MM/MC Pro,

to the Celestron RASA 8 telescope.

Using the included screws, the adapter is screwed to the front face of the black tilt plate mounted on the ZWO camera. The device has its own tilt adjustment mechanism and it’s equipped with a front-mounted thread for a 2″ filter.

The accessory provides the required backfocus of 28.70 mm.

The adapter is screwed onto the telescope using the M87 metal nut, which is a standard part of the telescope’s equipment. The outer diameter of the adapter is 85 mm.

Filter adapter dimensions

The base of the product are 3D printed elements made of PET-G CF filament (polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified reinforced with carbon fiber).

Full description of the product is available here.

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