The box - but not just a box

Storage container for Astrodevice filter sliders

If you have one of Astrodevice’s filter drawers, you surely know that filters feel best when they are screwed into the magnetic sliders. Then you can easily reach for them and put them in the drawer whenever you need to. You don’t screw them in in the dark, but simply have a pre-prepared set of filters in the sliders.

To make it even more convenient for drawer users, I created The Box – a fantastic storage container for storing sliders with screw-in filters.

But it’s not just a box. It’s a well-thought-out design full of amenities for maximum convenience of use.

Let’s start with the interior. The container contains five compartments into which filter sliders can be inserted. In fact, you can even throw them in there, because the bottom is lined with soft foam to absorb shocks. This is especially useful in the dark, when it’s hard to force yourself to be very precise. Then you simply slide the slider into the compartment and it will take care of itself, making it soft, comfortable and landing without any shocks.

The outside is also interesting. On the sides there are two special compartments. In the wider one you will place the magnetic key. It will lie there during the day together with the Astrodevice lanyard, waiting quietly for the next photo session. It won’t get hidden anywhere. On the other side, in turn, you will find a slightly narrower compartment. This is yet another space for the slider. This time, however, it’s an uncovered space where you can place the filter you’re just about to replace. During a photo session, when it comes to changing a filter, the last thing you want to do is not only screw in new filters, but also open the box and look for the right one. When the time comes, you just want to reload. That’s why you can put another slider in this special pocket to quickly reach for it at the right time. The rest of the sliders, meanwhile, will lie quietly covered.

TheBox - features

Now look at the top – even the lid is special here. It not only protects the glass from outside dust and insects, but also allows you to easily identify the filters. This is because there are special indentations in the top where you can mount engraved plaques with appropriate signatures:

  • H-alpha
  • O-III
  • S-II
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • UV/IR Cut
  • CLS
  • UHC
  • Multiband
  • Blind Filter
  • and 4 blank plates

In total, you will find 15 plaques in the set, from which you can arrange almost any collection. What’s more, if you need an inscription that isn’t included in the set, you can simply custom order it.

When you look at The Box from a perspective, you will notice that its form resembles a modernist building, following the architectural tradition in which form is determined by function and construction is dictated by material considerations. Here the material is carbon fiber doped plastic, engraved acrylic, flexible additives and metal fasteners. The whole thing – like all Astrodevice accessories – is produced in one-off pieces and hand-assembled for the best quality.

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