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Custom parts for astrophotography - 3D printed accessories for self-assembly

Welcome to Astrodevice! Here you will find unusual solutions for astrophotography – designs that have arisen from a real need and experience in deep sky photography. The vast majority of our accessories are made by 3D printing, using carefully selected engineering grade materials. Although we offer various devices and accessories, the production of each piece is personally supervised and all products are assembled by hand. We do not make anything in factories, but in our own small workshop. Everything we make is offered on an individual order basis. You can read more about Astrodevice here, but most importantly we invite you to check out our shop.

Two types of filter drawers for RASA 8 and ZWO ASI cameras

Filter drawers for
ZWO ASI 2600, ZWO ASI 2400, ASI 6200 and  ASI 071

Perfect for Celestron RASA 8

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Filter Drawer Adapter

Adapters for Astrodevice filter drawers allowing to connect 78 mm diameter ZWO ASI  cameras

ZWO ASI 1600, ZWO ASI 294, ASI 183 and ASI 533

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Filter drawer for RASA 8

Filter adapter for
ZWO ASI 2600, ZWO ASI 2400 and ASI 6200

and Celestron RASA 8

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Filter drawers for QHY cameras

FIlter drawers for
QHY 183, QHY 178,  QHY 224,  QHY 290, QHY 174, QHY 163, QHY 294 and QHY 550

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Adapter for Canon RF-mount cameras

Adapter allowing to connect CANON RF-mount  cameras to Celestron RASA 8 telescope

Works with EOS R, EOS Ra

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Adapter for Sony E-mount cameras

Adapter allowing to connect SONY E-mount cameras to Celestron RASA 8 telescope

Works with Sony A7-III

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Various accessories that can help every astrophotographer in their work and make it easier to cope with various technical difficulties

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Ask for custom design

Perhaps you are looking for some connector, adapter, additional part for your astrophotography kit, your observatory, some unusual housing, prototype or anything similar? I may be able to help you. love working on unusual solutions to various technical problems, so contact me if you are looking for a custom design.

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